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About APSAdvanced Professional Security specializes in providing both the government and private sectors with uniformed security officers,  All officers must pass a backgroud check as well as a drug screen, in order to be considered for a position. Each officer undergoes extensive training, which prepares them to react quickly, efficiently, and professionally, in any situation.

APS offers cutting edge security solutions in complex environments. We focused on delivering high-end security services at the most competitive rates. 

Our Management team has several years of combined security management experience. We offer innovative approaches to all commercial and residential security needs. We have the ability to staff-up on short notice and respond to various types of situations.  

Whether you need security officers, patrol vehicles, investigation or consultation, APS is always committed to providing the most comprehensive security solutions.

Our staff of professionals are highly trained in the latest security advancements. APS will work hard to design a solution that allows our customers to have peace of mind.

We have two important objectives. First, to deter incidents before they happen.

Second, to provide a rapid, professional response when the situation calls for it.

  • U.S. owned and operated

  • Contractor for the 2008 Democratic Convention Denver, CO.

  • Contractor to Department of Homeland Security (FEMA disaster recovery)

  • Equal opportunity employer

  • Delivering a focus on quality and continuous improvement

"Detect, Deter, Observe and Report."

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