APS can provide residential security agents to patrol private residential properties and areas, safeguard against illegal activity, including theft, loitering, trespassing and vandalism. 

Our agents are trained to become extremely familiar with both the property they are protecting and the people who reside there.  Our agent post orders can include, making rounds, assuring that all doors are closed and locked as required.  Our agents are trained on the proper techniques of tracking and monitoring all visitors to the property. 

Agents direct residents during emergency situations and serve as liaison between the property they are guarding and the local police and fire department.   APS provides residential security services to affluent residential communities: Class-A buildings, Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Owners Associations (P.O.A.).and Certified Property Managers.  We understand that each community has a unique personality - location, layout, traffic flow, specialized facilities, customized bylaws, and homeowner preferences must all be considered when providing security services. 

Our residential clients range from highrise downtown condos to single family homes. From city to suburbs, all of our residential clients expect and receive the standard of service that has made APS a preferred choice to all clients looking for security services.

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