Security Supervisor

 Job Duties: Security Supervisor

Supervises actions and behaviors of Agents, assists with patrols of client premises to maintain order, enforce regulations, and ensure observance of applicable laws. Protection from and elimination of any element of agent which may tend to jeopardize the welfare and security of the company assets, properties, Guests or Family Members.

Specific and Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
· Supervises plans and schedules Security activities.
· Determines personnel deployment and level requirements within a shift.
· Assigns work to Security Agents and establishes priorities.
· Inspects and evaluates Security Agents for alertness, appearance and proper performance while on duty and corrects deficiencies.
· Supervises and directs special activities as may be directed by the Security Manager.
· Provides independent departmental participation in procedures and transactions affecting the Casino and related departments.

General Job Responsibilities and Duties:
To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following WOW!

Factor Competencies:
Relating to Customers - Quickly build rapport and establishes relationships with friends. Relates well to different type of friends, listens and gets along well with them.

Quality Conscious - Provide a high level of service, maintain high standards and work hard to get it right the first time.

Drive/Aspiration - Gets things done, willingly takes on the more demanding tasks, stays motivated.

Stress Tolerant - Remains calm under pressure. Reacts well to change and stays positive despite setbacks. Keeps work and personal difficulties in perspective.

Flexible - Not resistant or afraid of change. Responsive and adaptable to situations and/or circumstances that would be different from the day to day routine.

Innovating - Takes responsibility for own actions and uses good judgment before acting or making decisions.

Quick Learning - Gets things done, willingly takes on the more demanding tasks. Easily identifies potential difficulties and their causes.

Communicating - Speaks confidently and fluently. Talks at the correct pace and level. Is understandable. Holds others' attention when speaking. Elicits necessary information to fully understand the needs, problems, and motives of customers.


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