Account Manager

Advanced Professional Security, Security Account Manager Job description

This position will work as an intermediary between the Client & Security Manager.  This includes overseeing the Security Department and making sure all guard services meet the client's specifications.

Account Managers will assess all concerns, complaints and questions from the agents.  They will also give direction and reports to the client and Advanced Professional Security management as needed. 

Responsible for staffing competent agents, shift supervisors and preparing the schedules. Training, agent inspections, daily updates to the client and keeping a positive work environment.

We reward exemplary performance with competitive compensation and benefits including competitive pay, flexible schedules, paid vacations, flex benefits and continuing education benefits.

If you are interested in developing your skills with a company that invests in you and your future, apply now.

Duties: Must have no prior criminal convictions.
Must have your own reliable transportation.
Must be able to respond and act quickly in urgent situations.
Must have strong leadership skills.
Must be able to remain calm under stress
Must have intermediate to advanced computer skills with knowledge of Excel and Word.
Must be confident with technology
Must have basic knowledge in digital photography.
Must be able to write professionally
Scheduling Officers
Must be able to conduct interviews
Must be on call 24/7.
Must oversee all shifts, posts and guards making sure all is in order and to the client's specs.
Must be able to learn and teach the policies of the client and the security agency.
Must have strong math, deductive reasoning, problem-solving and organizational skills.

Minimum work experience required:

2 years of security or loss prevention management, military leadership, or served as a sworn/certified law enforcement officer.

Qualifications: 2 years of security or loss prevention management, military leadership or served as a sworn/certified law enforcement officer.

• be 18 years of age or older and hold a High School diploma or GED equivalent;
• pass a background investigation, and drug screens;
• possess the ability to speak, read and write English and to communicate effectively with the public, our clients and other guards;
• maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance;
• be able to handle typical and crisis situations efficiently and effectively;
• demonstrate a responsible and professional attitude;
• provide exceptional customer service, as representatives of Unity Security Inc.
• possess the physical abilities required to perform duties specified by the client(s)and/or site management.



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