Officer Training

Advanced Professional Security personnel receive pre-assignment, site-specific and in-service training from our in-house licensed instructors.

This gives us the ability to incorporate site-specific training at every stage of the training process.  We combine classroom and scenario-based education covering a variety of disciplines, including specialized areas which pertain to specific industries.

Our training programs are updated continually to incorporate the latest challenges and risks, as well as emerging technology, standards and guidelines.

Good communication and training are essential for efficient operation in any organization. 

It is important to provide both managers and employees with training in the skills and techniques required to do their their job.   At APS we work hard to provide employees with the tools needed to succeed.

Advanced Professional Security is committed to the growth and development of our teams' skills.  Through proper recruitment, extensive training and ongoing coaching, we ensure that the APS team is one of the the best in the business. 




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